Hi.... everyone. XD I'm Kairin Touzen, a weird... random person lurking around the net.

Well... I'm a hobbyist. I draw, mostly fan arts for Vocaloid and anime, and I also make my own manga/comic. I draw requests XD (if you have one, I'm just an e-mail away!) I write fan fictions and one-shots but right now I'm working on a novel (which would probably take forever to finish XD). I'm a student of Computer Science  Multimedia Arts, so  but still, staying in front of the computer for hours is not unusual for me.

I'm a average-heighted person wearing eyeglasses. I'm mostly interested in drawing, Vocaloid, anime, science and music. I'm an avid Hatsune Miku fan, and a little more push will make me customize everything I own with her image (including my wallet!). Generally, I like all Vocaloids, and I'm proud enough to say that I've never disliked any one of them, even Gachapoid! XD They've actually become a special part of my life since I've known about them. My taste and view of music changed and expanded because of their songs.

I'm also an anime fanatic, though it takes some time before I watch a new one because I research too much, or rather, I can't get over the ending of the previous anime. I... don't read manga very much, especially if I watched the anime before I decided to peek onto the manga. In anime, my favorite genres are Action, Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life and Shoujo-ai. I take on stories that tell mostly about friendship and human emotions, since I could relate to some of them. I like tsundere female characters very much, especially if they are moe. XD

You guys might want to check out my profiles/pages in the following sites:

As I have mentioned above, if you are interested to give me art requests, you can send me an email to Please type in "Art Request" for the subject of the e-mail (or else, I will ignore the message). I limit myself to anime fan arts and the like. I'll also draw your OCs (Original Characters) if you ask for it. =) I give responses if I've approved your request or if your request seems to be too much for my level (probably 'rejected' in other words OTL). If I finish it though, I will send you the finished artwork via e-mail and display it in my DeviantART page as well.

Thanks for checking out the page! XD

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