When boredom strikes, I look back to the things that I left behind, those things that I had originally planned to do but were buried down at the bottom of my priorities' list. Yesterday, I typed in my short story which I derived from real life --- my life. To be honest, that event in my life changed one of my beliefs completely. Originally, I had thought that God takes some considerable amount of time before he grants a wish, but no. I proved my self to be wrong. He can give it to us in a matter of seconds, or even the very moment you speak of it. That gave me the hint that God is always there for us, no matter where we are, no matter where we go. He is always there, beside us, through our journey.

Godspeed by Kairin Touzen

“God can grant a wish in as soon as you ask for it.”

It was a cloudy day. Counted together with the days of classes was the rain playing around again. That was the third day of school and the sky’s waters were still flowing down endlessly. The mood was angst and gloomy; angst because every day in Bonifacio District, going towards the LRT station was such a hassle with many people walking around, competing for jeepneys and other transportation vehicles and the competition goes “only the fittest will survive, and get to work first.” At the same time, it was gloomy. My first two days in my new college school were not as easy as the first days of classes last year. I’ve been taking Multimedia Arts in that new educational institute, so most of my classmates were artists. Artists were scarier than Computer Science students or any other academic students — in my case, it turned out that way. Also, they were different kinds of people since they came from schools all over Manila, unlike in my school the previous year, wherein the students were local residents of my hometown.

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