"Accel Future", My Cute Bastard Personal Computer

So after a year, my PC is still alive. Even after all the errors that occurred during the span of one year, this PC... is alive and working! Haha! I know how brutal I am when it comes to using electronic devices; examples would be overusing the device (12-13 hours per day), overloading the disk and mercilessly flinging the input devices around when it either responds slowly or presents an unresolvable error. I've always complained that this PC had always been hostile and unfriendly to me, but look at it now! It's still here, staying with me. XD I guess it has some love for me after all. Hahahahaha XD

Initially, I had named this PC as "CyberKairin", something which was simply derived from my pen name. Since these past few days I have been daydreaming of creating my own operating system which I called "Accel Future", I decided to give my PC that name for its first "birthday".

So there we go~ Accel Future~ ^u^
Stay with me through the years despite my brutality hahahahaha.

August 22nd, 2011, the very first day we met. BAM! (What is with this corny-ness? XD)

Accel Future's logo. All rights reserved.


  1. I like the logo a lot.

    Makes me think maybe I should have some sort of logo on my site. But, too much trouble :-)

    1. Thank you, sir! :D

      And yes, yes, I think you should have a logo for your site! It's an awesome blog you know! XD

      Buuut if I have the time, will you allow me to help you out with the logo? :D

  2. Sure, you can try making me a logo. Do you have an idea for the logo?