Random Quote 01: Destiny and Decisions

Actually it was just a random thought that occurred to me... Ever since I-don't-know-when, the relation about destiny and our decisions had always intrigued me... and... still being young, it's just still confusing.
Especially now that I am in the point of my life where adulthood is drawing close, though still quite far away, I know that it will come by with surprise and I have to get prepared.

Another thing, I am lovesick.
Oh, what is a crush? What is being lovesick? What is love? What is sacrifice? What is happiness? What is commitment? What is a relationship? *sigh*
It's my very first time to fall in love, and I am perplexed whether this love I have for her is mutual or unrequited.

Photo editing and quote by Kairin Touzen.

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