My Summer Vacation


I’m back. LOL

Yup, the blog has been stuck for two months, thanks to my confusion of what I should do with my life. I feel like I’ve been having a degrading performance since summer vacation has started.

I celebrated my second year as a Vocaloid fan (I didn't do anything, actually), made progress with my Vocaloid fan manga, read some manga, watched some anime...

How should I start this off? Hm…..

Oh, I played some games XD As I got my PS1 Emulator, I immediately tried out Suikoden II ---- my childhood game.

I unlocked the best ending (thanks to a walkthrough XD)

It's a great game. The story, the characters, the music, the flow.. the dialogues.. I can feel the characters. And I love it... I learned a lot about it ---- about friendship, unity, dreams, hope.. etc... I love this because it's my type of game. Nanami was my favorite character XD Despite being annoying at times, anyone would wish to have a protective big sister like her... And the rest of the characters were just... amazing!

Viktor, Flik, Oulan, Tengaar, Leona, Luc... and so many more to mention >w<

It was also kind of sad to see Jillia and Jowy part ways... I love that part where she said farewell to Jowy.. I wonder if she kissed him?? Haha. That part was faded out into black darn XDD. God, this game was so damn touching!!

This was a game I knew from childhood (about 8 years old I guess) but I only had a chance to finish it now thanks to my PS1 emulator LOL. XD And there is no doubt on why I came back to play this game years after... It's because it's all worth it.

I enjoyed the game too much that it made me both sad and happy to see it end.

Playing backwards, I then tried Suikoden I. Still good, but not as touching as Suikoden II was. In Suikoden II, I felt an emotional bond with the characters. I guess Suikoden I just wasn't able to stir me up as much as the sequel did.

Suikoden I screenshot

In all my years of computer gaming, I've liked rhythm games next to RPG/Action games. And so I tried out Osu! but I wasn't able to last due to lack of practice (I can't survive beatmaps because I didn't try to master it) and I had other things to deal with. I left it, but I think I might return to it afterwards.

Basically, since it was vacation, it’s expected that an artist like me would do nothing but draw. XD Yes, in the sixty days of summer, my right hand almost never got separated from the pen of my graphics tablet (I think I should get them married haha). So yep, I had a bunch of WIPs (Work-in-Progress) and some finished artworks. The most annoying part would probably be having a lot of ideas for artworks and yet, my mind disagrees to finish a piece and made me move on to another idea. WIPs ---- all are sketches.

Sample of one of my unfinished fan arts.
Kagamine Rin and Len - Adolescence

Highlights for my vacation? I guess it would be the conventions I attended this summer.

This is the year I began attending conventions (anime, cosplay, etc.), thanks to my classmate. My first one was the Tutuban Cosplay 2012, held on February at the 168 Mall somewhere there in Divisoria XD Then I attended to another one after taking a seminar about Microsoft Windows 8 (March). It was held at a Robinsons Mall… at Ermita, as I recall. Then the other ones were TamaMatsuri, Ozine Fest and personally, the best one --- VocaFusion.

TamaMatsuri (March 24, 2012)

Still enthralled with the community of cosplayers and anime fanatics and the like, I immediately agreed to go with my classmate to this convention. It was also the first time that I encountered a convention with an entrance fee (yep, my first two conventions were free XD). The ticket was cheap; however, it wasn’t that cheap for my budget. It cost 100Php, and my allowance at that time was only 300Php (Well, exclude the fare… but my food had to be included in that 300Php). One of the better reasons I came to the event was because I joined their Online Drawing Contest. I was informed about the competition about a week before TamaMatsuri, but I made my entry two days before the deadline. So it was kinda rushed, and it seemed to be out of the theme (though I was portraying a school festival here).

My entry for the TamaMatsuri Online Drawing Contest

The theme was about Japanese festivals, and my agitated mind refused to draw people in Kimono LOL. They also asked us to make a brief description of our artwork, and mine was a senseless one. XD

The convention itself was fun and I took pictures the gigantic weapons I saw there and tried to get the Facebook pages of some cosplayers. We actually made friends with one of the cosplayers there (She cosplayed Dead Master, OVA version). Let’s just call her KM~ XD

Items I got by the end of the event
(Two button pins and a free sticker)
Speaking of friends, I did meet someone from our Vocaloid-Pilipinas group. I’d describe her as hyperactive yaoi fangirl, and I easily spotted her because of the banner she was holding. She mentioned that she’d be creating a banner for the fujoshi, but I didn’t really expect that I’d see her for real haha! So I accompanied her and toured around Megatrade Hall 1 for some time, until it was finally time to say goodbye. She had to leave early since her auntie was waiting for her.

I paid attention to the bands that played that time, and I enjoyed them, especially when one vocalist came up and presented her rendition of the popular “Just be Friends” by Megurine Luka. Someone also played “Mr. Music” by Vocaloid (Chorus), but I wasn’t able to enjoy it that much since I didn’t know the song yet. Note, I did focus better on the ones who performed Vocaloid music, but that doesn’t mean I disliked the presentation of others. XD

Above average fun and excitement --- the briefest description I could give.

Ozine Fest (April 13-15, 2012)

I could say I enjoyed this one, but not so much, and regrettably, I lost 50% of the pictures I had in this event thanks to my corrupted memory card.

Being closer to the Vocaloid-Pilipinas group, I expected to meet some of them at Ozine Fest. Yes, some had attended; unfortunately, we had conflict meeting up because of our differences in schedule. Ozine Fest was held for three days, and me and my friend only attended on the second day. The night before, I posted in our group about a small banner that I’d be parading in the event, so we could all meet up.

The banner....

On the day itself, I did it, but I only met… let’s say half of them. I carried on with my mission of gathering them, and mustering up all my confidence, I drew a fan art of Miku on the Wacom Cintiq of the iAcademy booth. And how did I try to garner their attention? Well, I took the Cintiq which was connected to a screen projector! And so people saw how badly I draw… and I was freaking trembling! But for VP, I continued on and made a half-assed fan art for the world to see. OTL

The crappy fan-art I drew on a Wacom Cintiq during Ozine Fest.

When all the other VP members went home (and I failed to meet the others), I was left to my friend’s group --- One Piece Philippines. Thankfully, despite not being a fan of One Piece, I was still able to mingle with them despite me being pretty awkward and shy with unexpected companions XD We were able to hang out a little since most of them were artists, too.

I didn’t really regret anything by the end of the event but I surely had disappointment upon not meeting my fellow VP groupmates.

And of course, that stupid card reader of mine ruined my memories of Ozine Fest.

VocaFusion (May 20, 2012)

After being downed by Ozine Fest, VocaFusion lifted my spirits up. It was an event made specially for Vocaloid fans, and I was one of them. The happiness I had cannot be described by words; all I knew is that it was overflowing.

I already knew about VocaFusion way back in March. And I was delighted to see an Art Competition whose theme was titular. Initially, the deadline was the 13th of April. I read about the competition by the third week of March, and so I attempted to make a dynamic artwork within two weeks. When I began drawing, it took me almost a week to finish just the lineart of FIVE characters!! My God! I had to make nine characters, and the coloring would even take longer and the deadline was coming close. Mercifully, they extended the deadline ‘til April 27th. It relieved me… A LOT.

I had undergone a few troubles thanks to the art competition entry, both in real life and the contest itself, but all was fun! XD

So after the deadline, we had to wait for the top finalists. I then addressed my next problem --- the ticket. VocaFusion was quite a big event, and I predicted that it’d have a lot of attendees. And they even notified the public about the capacity of SMX Convention Center’s Function Room 1, which was 900, and if it became full inside, others had to wait before they can get in. It urged me to buy a  pre-sold ticket. At first, I was supposed to buy the limited edition printed VF tickets which was sold by our VP group. Some unanticipated event happened, and so I had to buy them at an SM Cinema Ticket Outlet. Together with my friend, we wandered around SM North Edsa to find the ticket outlet. Initially, I thought TicketNet would sell them to, and we asked directions from quite a few people. As usual, me and my friend took long to find the place (we always are like this, everywhere XD). We arrived at TicketNet, only to be informed that they did not hold responsibility of selling the tickets. So we came back to the SM Cinemas to finally get hold of the entrance passes. Haha. It was a fun, adventurous day indeed. XD

After the ticket mayhem, the last problem rose. Miraculously, I made it to the Top 15 finalists of the art competition. Oh yeah… it was a miracle that I was picked from 129 people, and most of them were awesome! As a finalist, I was required to hand over a hard copy of my artwork on the event day. I had a difficulty in finding a shop that prints A3 size. With the help of my Lord, I found one but it didn’t cost much.

And the print didn’t have much quality either. :/

My entry for the VocaFusion Art Competition (Digital Image)

And so came the event.

I left home as early as 10:30am, but some annoying traffic issue delayed my way to Monumento. I met up with two of my friends at the LRT station when I had arrived. And off to the Mall of Asia~

I prepared all that I could for the event ---- a big sum of money (well, 700Php, lol), necessary items, and even the map to SMX and the event floorplan of VocaFusion. We arrived at SMX in no time, though a little delayed thanks to me and my friend’s senses of direction XD (always gets lost haha)

So yes, we made it to Function Room 1, and simply entering that room made my heart go… DOKI DOKI!

Our VP Group discussed about a little meet-up at the Vocaloid-Pilipinas booth, and two nights before VocaFusion, I pushed the idea of having a group photo since a lot of us would probably be present at the event. Same with Ozine Fest, I made another banner, but this time, on a 1/8 Illustration board. I made it better than last time’s because the event and VP was very special to me.

My banner for Vocaloid-Pilipinas, which I paraded
on VocaFusion

Right at the entrance, I immediately met one of our VPmates. And so with her and my two pals, we roamed around AGAIN for hours looking for, meeting up and shaking hands with every member we spot.

A lot has happened, and for some reason I can’t really type it here anymore since I’d probably be writing a novel if I do. XD Also, time constraint (I have a lot of other things to organize OTL).

VocaFusion – very fun, extreme excitement, made new friends, met awesome people, an event worth highlighting in my summer vacation.

That’s that for the events.

And to personal stuff...

The month May was a pretty rough one for my emotional being, I guess. Actually, before VocaFusion, during the time I was working with my competition entry, I had to stop for a while after hearing the deadline extension. I had been agonizing over the coloring technique I’ll be using. But because it was rushed, I had no other choice but to apply my usual coloring style.

This May wasn’t really a “merry month” for me. I encountered emotional problems as an artist, specifically, I felt lost. While looking at the work of others, I thought, “My work doesn’t contain anything special.” Whenever I see the way I color, I can see the work of others — yes, my coloring style is quite common. I wanted to get away from “applying to much softness” in my artworks, but everytime I experimented, it turned out the same. The feeling of being unoriginal and uncreative surfaced into my head. I never give up against these trials, but all I felt was complete loss. I felt as if I can’t pave a path that’s somewhat different from others. I had to rest for a while, actually. I stowed from finishing an artwork for some time, and satisfied myself with sketches.

I had to arrange my computer files and it became some sort of reminiscence to me. I always looked back to old artworks for inspiration. It raised my spirits a bit, but still, the fear and confusion remained. Then, I had a bunch of low-quality pictures (coming from Facebook) which I needed to re-download from Zerochan, Danbooru and even Konachan lol. It actually helped me a lot. Observing the artworks, my inspiration increased. The fear (and sadness) was somehow forgotten, but the bewilderment remained.

While still trapped in perplexity, something totally cheered me up and broke my depression.

It’s this song XD

It’s probably one of the most realistic-sounding songs of Hatsune Miku, and hearing that sudden level up with her voice made me joyful.

Like in a drama, I felt as if the light has finally reached me. A few days after I found that song, it was the same time I got motivated by a certain artist. I liked his works, and finally, I realized how the ambience of a painting attracts me. So perhaps the coloring style I was looking for may be similar with that of a painting. I’m not 100% sure of it though, since anything may change in the future (and I’m fickle too). But still, I think my heart as an artist has found its true love XD

And so ends the vacation.

Right now, it’s June 1st here, and some schools are opening classes on June 4th. It’s a good thing my college school would have classes on the second week, so I’d consider that to be a time to catch up with everything else I might’ve missed XD Also, I should’ve been second year college now, but I gave up on Computer Science (school issues and loss of interest), transferred to another school and took on Multimedia Arts. I’m gonna miss Computer Science, since it was fun while it lasted. But we humans tend to leave some things for another thing we desire more, right?

Do check out my DeviantART page for my latest artworks.

My Playlist: Summer Vacation Top Picks:
  • ARiA (Hatsune Miku)
  • Hello/Howareyou (Hatsune Miku)
  • FREELY TOMORROW (Hatsune Miku Append Vivid)
  • Eazy Dance (Hatsune Miku)
  • SPiCa (Hatsune Miku)
  • Braveheart (Black Rock Shooter OVA Ending Theme)
  • My Dearest (Guilty Crown Opening Theme)
  • Whiteout Overline (Hatsune Miku)
  • Tokyo Metropolis Rock City (Hatsune Miku)
  • The Intense Singing of Hatsune Miku
  • Mr. Music (Vocaloid Chorus)
  • Love Disease (Yokune Ruko Cover)
  • From the Future (Tone Rion)
  • Palette (Megurine Luka)
  • Stardust Utopia (Megurine Luka)
  • Gemini (Kagamine Rin and Len)
  • Bacterial Contamination (Hatsune Miku)
  • Dreaming Little Bird (7 Vocaloids’ Chorus)
  • Crystal Quartz (Fujita Saki)
  • Hello/Howareyou (Hida Tomo Cover)
  • Senbonzakura (Hatsune Miku)

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