Finally Managed to Get Back on the Blog

Today's school loads are very heavy, add right there the consecutive deadlines in a week. Okay, I know how faulty I am with the situation, for I procrastinated... I feel the consequences now.

Finally, I managed to thought of posting around the blog again, even if it may be uninteresting and senseless.

There isn't much to say, since I'm somewhat problematic with my computer right now. Recently (and the past few days), it has been slowing down and at worst points, it hangs up and sometimes, I can't load any programs. I'm assuming that it's a problem of the hard disk drive, since the during boot-up (POST), first, it hangs up and second, it could detect my hard disk but some "S.M.A.R.T. Capable but Command Failed" stuff comes out. Right now I'm backing up all of my critical files. Earlier this afternoon, I was kind of doomed just by thinking of the possibility that my data could not be recovered. Thankfully, I sort of made my PC run "normally" again, which would definitely wreak havoc soon. I'm just waiting for my hard disk drive to conk out.

What I did is opened up my casing and checked out the temperature of the hard disk (and I don't know why I'd thought of this idea). Well, it was very, very hot --- something nearly comparable to a pot on a lighted stove. Not good, I thought. One of the culprits of the seemingly "overheating" hard disk was probably the weather, since summer has begun here in the Philippines. Another culprit would be our very own house, which lacks windows for ventilation and releasing of accumulated heat. And of course, I consider my own system unit case to be at causing problems to, since it's small, it doesn't have enough room for releasing of heat, and it doesn't have many fans. I do have one auxiliary fan, but it doesn't seem to be that strong enough to cool down the whole system (especially the hard disk, which doesn't have any cooling fan near it).

So right now I have our electric fan in front of my case, which is opened. LOL. I may be able to recover and continue using my computer, but I can no longer rely on the hard disk very well. Seems like a lesson was taught to me: "Stop procrastinating and back up your files as early as possible!"

OTL I had to buy plenty of CDs and DVDs since I have no external hard drive to store large data into. And my flash drive is only 4GB. I'm thinking on the bright side: at least I'm using my CD-ROM so it wouldn't remain unused which could possibly lead to its breakdown. Haha.

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