"Accel Future", My Cute Bastard Personal Computer

So after a year, my PC is still alive. Even after all the errors that occurred during the span of one year, this PC... is alive and working! Haha! I know how brutal I am when it comes to using electronic devices; examples would be overusing the device (12-13 hours per day), overloading the disk and mercilessly flinging the input devices around when it either responds slowly or presents an unresolvable error. I've always complained that this PC had always been hostile and unfriendly to me, but look at it now! It's still here, staying with me. XD I guess it has some love for me after all. Hahahahaha XD

Initially, I had named this PC as "CyberKairin", something which was simply derived from my pen name. Since these past few days I have been daydreaming of creating my own operating system which I called "Accel Future", I decided to give my PC that name for its first "birthday".

So there we go~ Accel Future~ ^u^
Stay with me through the years despite my brutality hahahahaha.

August 22nd, 2011, the very first day we met. BAM! (What is with this corny-ness? XD)

Accel Future's logo. All rights reserved.

Decoded Some Lyrics Written in Kanji

Shiz, I'm supposed to do my assignments now, but... because the song is on repeat, I simply can't stop the urge to sing along. But, alas! I couldn't find any romaji lyrics on the net, perhaps because it's not popular?

The song is "lost" by Hatsune Miku. It was composed by 164 (one of my favorite composers! XD) and was featured in the album "EXIT TUNES Presents Supernova".


When boredom strikes, I look back to the things that I left behind, those things that I had originally planned to do but were buried down at the bottom of my priorities' list. Yesterday, I typed in my short story which I derived from real life --- my life. To be honest, that event in my life changed one of my beliefs completely. Originally, I had thought that God takes some considerable amount of time before he grants a wish, but no. I proved my self to be wrong. He can give it to us in a matter of seconds, or even the very moment you speak of it. That gave me the hint that God is always there for us, no matter where we are, no matter where we go. He is always there, beside us, through our journey.

Godspeed by Kairin Touzen

“God can grant a wish in as soon as you ask for it.”

Random Quote 01: Destiny and Decisions

Actually it was just a random thought that occurred to me... Ever since I-don't-know-when, the relation about destiny and our decisions had always intrigued me... and... still being young, it's just still confusing.
Especially now that I am in the point of my life where adulthood is drawing close, though still quite far away, I know that it will come by with surprise and I have to get prepared.

Another thing, I am lovesick.
Oh, what is a crush? What is being lovesick? What is love? What is sacrifice? What is happiness? What is commitment? What is a relationship? *sigh*
It's my very first time to fall in love, and I am perplexed whether this love I have for her is mutual or unrequited.

Photo editing and quote by Kairin Touzen.

My Summer Vacation


I’m back. LOL

Yup, the blog has been stuck for two months, thanks to my confusion of what I should do with my life. I feel like I’ve been having a degrading performance since summer vacation has started.

I celebrated my second year as a Vocaloid fan (I didn't do anything, actually), made progress with my Vocaloid fan manga, read some manga, watched some anime...

How should I start this off? Hm…..

Oh, I played some games XD As I got my PS1 Emulator, I immediately tried out Suikoden II ---- my childhood game.

Finally Managed to Get Back on the Blog

Today's school loads are very heavy, add right there the consecutive deadlines in a week. Okay, I know how faulty I am with the situation, for I procrastinated... I feel the consequences now.

Finally, I managed to thought of posting around the blog again, even if it may be uninteresting and senseless.

There isn't much to say, since I'm somewhat problematic with my computer right now. Recently (and the past few days), it has been slowing down and at worst points, it hangs up and sometimes, I can't load any programs. I'm assuming that it's a problem of the hard disk drive, since the during boot-up (POST), first, it hangs up and second, it could detect my hard disk but some "S.M.A.R.T. Capable but Command Failed" stuff comes out. Right now I'm backing up all of my critical files. Earlier this afternoon, I was kind of doomed just by thinking of the possibility that my data could not be recovered. Thankfully, I sort of made my PC run "normally" again, which would definitely wreak havoc soon. I'm just waiting for my hard disk drive to conk out.

Is the Internet Hanging by a Thread?

Probably, you know the next thing about this post.

You're right. It's the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act, where IP is "Intellectual Property") issue.

As a Computer Studies student and an enthusiastic internet user, this controversy is a big thing to me. I only knew about the issue yesterday, since it became such a trending topic on Facebook. Most of the pages I liked were posting about SOPA, so I decided to take a peek at it. God, that was the best thing to do, since I became aware of some fishy stuff going on around, which was threatening to put the whole Internet into a probable catastrophic condition. I've watched a few videos about SOPA, mostly contradicting the bill, and it was somewhat enough to convince me to take the side of opposition. However, I haven't fully researched about it, and haven't heard what the pro-SOPA people has to say. But with the uproar of many people, from ordinary to popular ones, it seems as if I do not need to hear what the other party has to state. I'm not saying I won't listen to their side, but as anyone knows, much of their "dirt" are already revealed around the internet.

Some More Blabbing!

Just updated the site haha... XD I finally designed the official logo of Fantasy Evolution LOL... :D *ish happy and scared of getting caught by my mom... it's like... 12:48 a.m. here and I'm still not sleeping* Big trouble for the sickly... haha...

Still, the banner is temporary since I'm not yet drawing a concept art featuring my real Fantasy Evolution mascot XDD For now, Aoki Lapis of Vocaloid 3 shall take her place.

Fantasy Evolution site banner.
Copyright of artwork and design belongs to Kairin Touzen (me)

Five Years Ago, I Used to Fear...

Five years ago... year 2007, to be exact, I used to fear...


Oh yes, I used to fear them. Not that they're scary or such, but it was because I totally fail at drawing them, to the maximum level. LOL. Before, whenever someone asked me to draw girls I quickly turned their requests down. I also tore apart my artworks with totally fail-looking girls XD. The proof of those failures could be seen in my antique manga.. XD (But I am lazy to take a picture of it. Haha)

Truly, I despised drawing girls before, though in the contrary, they were the protagonists in my story haha. I grew up sketching guys most of the time, since they are easier to draw. Male characters could be given some random face, even ugly ones, and their body is just plain straight (for an average joe). It was not too difficult to experiment poses with them.

Temporary Change in Banner

I've uploaded a new banner since I was very excited by this work of mine XDD It's really temporary because I'm already working on the actual banner of this site. I'm also testing the layout and where I should adjust things. Anyway, please do enjoy seeing my badly blended colors on the banner XDDD

Aoki Lapis illustrated by Kairin Touzen (me)
Also available at my DeviantART

Anyone can share this image, just try to give me credit as much as possible haha.

I worked on the image for two days, after finding out how doomed I was if I applied base colors using Paint Tool SAI rather than Photoshop. XD This is, so far, my fifth artwork using my pen tablet. I might actually be able to count how many artworks will I do with the pen tablet haha. The image is inspired by Aoki Lapis' Daydream Flight.

Well anyway, right now, I'm listening to a popular O2Jam song, Bride in Dream. I have never played O2Jam, and the alternative I took was BandMaster. I could say both games have good songs, based on my research on O2Jam's songs. If I were a player of O2Jam, I must've been addicted to that song. XD

So much for some random, unnecessary post. I haven't prepared for my report in Art Appreciation tomorrow. Yes, forever a good student.

A Dream Came True, Early in 2012

Finally! After months of waiting (three months to be exact), I now have a pen tablet!!! This is a dream that came true!

My desktop, and my Genius MousePen i608x

I'm so thankful now that I've got this pen tablet, since I think I could work better with digital arts. It sort of needs some practice to get used with, but that'd probably happen in no time. I bought the pen tablet for 2,890 pesos (sorry, don't know how to convert it in other currencies XD), and I hope it'll all be worth it.I want this pen tablet, together with my care, to last for a long time (something like more than five years haha). I didn't want to spend a fortune on a Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch since it's for the professionals and it's so expensive... My allowance, no matter what method of saving I do, will not reach its price, so I chose an alternative brand. XD I'm a hobbyist, and I just wanted to have a pen tablet which is sturdy and useful enough for my manga projects and other artworks.