The Last Day of a Great Year

Homygawd it's December 31st again...! Simply meaning, it's the last day of 2011!

This is such a great year as for me, since I'm able to remember a lot more events that happened this year compared to the previous ones. This would probably be the longest post I'll make for this year! XD

So I'll start off with... January 2011. XD

January 2011. A remarkable month for killing me with our term paper in English while I was a Fourth-year High School student. Seriously, I almost gave up and thought that I won't be able to complete at least 15 pages. OTL The minimum requirement for the project was 20 pages of discussion but I only had 15... since... my brain couldn't take it. XD No, I was lazy enough and did not research about my topic (Bipolar Disorder) at all. Haha. Good student, aye. Hmm... and I also had a few *ehem**cough*lovelife*cough**ehem* issues that month.. As expected, that wouldn't work out. 8D

Letters for Arienheille,
one of my manga.
February 2011. I had a romantic story in mind, which I immediately turned into a manga without further planning. The outcome: HIATUS.

March 2011. The month where my classmates and I had to spent our last moments together as a whole section... Yeah... we had a lot of free time for the last two weeks of March, and we talked about a lot of things.. the college where each of us was planning to go to, the courses they'll take, and the plans we have for ourselves in the future. I had fun with my best friends and I wished for all of us to be together again soon after graduation. We took a bunch of pictures... and my Facebook photo albums are filled with pictures from our class :')

Merry Christmas!

I just want to greet everyone a Merry Christmas! Last week, all I did was draw, so I could say that this vacation is fun hahaha LOL.

So below is one of my latest artworks, and it is especially made for Christmas. 

Original Artwork by Kairin Touzen (me)

I featured Hatsune Miku and Black Rock Shooter since my original target was to draw six anime girls who wears twin-tails hair. Supposedly, the four others would have been Nakano Azusa, Kaname Madoka, Minami Kana and Hiiragi Kagami. However, time flew, and I was only able to finish the two of them.

The best part of making this artwork was when I had to finish it in two days, because I pressured myself to finish it before or on Christmas day. I began working on this the afternoon of December 23rd then finished it at around 1 o'clock in the morning (GMT +8) of December 25th. It was all worth it, because I have seen an improvement in my last year's greeting and today's presentation. I am also proud of the fact that I used only the computer mouse while CGing this work.. I am happy to be a mouse user! XD

My 2010 Christmas-themed Artwork

So that's all I have in my mind right now! I can't write much since I'm already thinking of my next artwork's concept... Probably my next theme would be "The End of the World" XD

Merry Christmas once again! And Happy Holidays too.. :)

Oh and don't forget to greet Jesus Christ whose birthday is being celebrated today! Happy birthday Jesus Christ!

Random Post... Christmas is Coming...

Okay,  my favorite month is progressing its way towards the end and to another beginning, including Earth! v^.^v I really love the essence of Christmas and the feeling while waiting for it! Then in the end... when it's Christmas day already... it seems to be just one ordinary day. OTL

But still, December is a special month for me since it's the last month of the year! During this time I do a lot of reminiscing of what I've learned in life for the eleven months that had passed, and also... a few regrets. ^^'a

I'm currently on my sentimental mood, after seeing the image below while listening to Aoki Lapis' "Daydream Flight"

Original photo taken from

Madoka Kaname
Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica protagonist
Original Photo taken from
After being set to this mood, I happened to find Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Episode 12 from my downloaded files... and remembering how that anime ended... makes me want to cry. And now I'm listening to its OP song, entitled "Connect" by ClariS. When the chorus comes, I think I want to run like the wind... and travel towards the sky... it's like I wanna fly! God... this anime... provoked my emotions so much that I want the ending of one of my stories to become a tragic one... This kind of anime is pretty rare... especially for a "Mahou Shoujo Anime" category... Madoka... that smile... T___T

Well so much for that, tomorrow will be the start of Simbang Gabi (pron. seem-bang gah-bee)/Misa de Gallo (Night Mass) here in the Philippines... so basically I'll have to prepare myself to go out every night at 8pm and listen to the one hour mass for nine days. I wasn't able to complete the Night Mass last year, but I wonder if my wish came true? I don't even remember what it was anymore... They say that if you complete the 9 nights of mass, one of your wishes will come true. It's not bad to try it out, but I do believe that God answers prayers/wishes even if you don't complete all those since the Bible said that God grants wishes when you hope for it. XD But it'll be an achievement if I complete the mass! O3O

Simultaneous with the start of the Simbang Gabi will be our Preliminary Exams! OTL And yes, here I am, posting on my blog and refusing to review. Yes, I'm a good student. The tests tomorrow will cover two major subjects and one minor subject... but I can't focus on reviewing because I have my computer in front of me... teeheehee...

I've opened my deviantART only today again after one month! 11,088 notifications is my early gift for Christmas... XD I just realized that I had two more watchers! 8D *I shall thank them later*

Right now I'm sort of overloaded with tasks... (or feeling like)..

Things to do:

  • Review for the exams
  • Make my project in English
  • Look for a broken system unit to use for practice in Computer Hardware Servicing
  • Draw three sheep, one donkey and one camel
  • Get my butt workin' on that one-shot story that I've begun working on since October
  • Squeeze all the ideas on my mind for the full-length Vocaloid fan fiction I have
  • Self-study and advanced study on C/C++ Programming and VB.NET... (probably the hardest OTL)
  • Draw the next pages for Himitsu Keisatsu - Secret Police...

...and many more.

Making a Visual Novel?

Ohohohoho yeah. I once said to myself that making a Visual Novel would probably require some bestial programming skills (with graphics included). Well, no one could say whether it's easy or hard to do something unless they try it themselves. And so...! I realized...! That I was wrong in delaying my plans of making a Visual Novel! I researched about creating Visual Novel games and guess what? I found out about Visual Novel engines! XD LOL (such a dense person I am!) So I had three Visual Novel engines to choose from:

Blade Engine

So now you're thinking which one I picked?

And the winner is....


Original image is taken from the Visual Novelty site

Why choose Novelty?

Well, I may be a Computer Science student, but I haven't even gone through hemorrhagic programming lessons! I've only learned a little bit of advanced HTML coding... but it's not that usable in making a VN! XD So I only have very basic knowledge of programming. I mean, I couldn't even get a "Hello World!" program execution correct (or maybe that's because of my compiler.... damn the differences in compilers and programming languages! You put a code in one compiler, it turns out fine, then on the other, it will give you multiple errors GAAAAH!).

I'm kinda picky on how sites should present their products. I liked Novelty because of the simplicity of the site itself, mixing shades of pink that doesn't hurt my eyes. XD Also, I'm sort of lazy (and dense) so I would rather prefer a program with easy interface aaaand instructions.

With that said, Novelty offers the following (as seen on the official site):
  • Easy to use WYSIWYG visual novel editor.
  • Visual point & click programming with "Actions".
  • No actual programming required.*
  • Create and share art assets easily.
  • Hardware-accelerated graphics.
  • Play your visual novels in and out of the editor.
  • Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7.

And yep, I've downloaded the program and is reading through the documentation to get a hold of it... And of course one important thing must be considered before I make my own Visual Novel....


(...still searching from my pile of unfinished narratives...)