Realizing the Loss of a Childhood Friend

With the tranquil and deafening silence of this environment surrounding me, the side of me that others rarely notice reveals itself and conquers my consciousness. That other side of me - the emotional and the sentimental I. At least this characteristic of mine makes the sadness flush out during the evening to awaken a refreshed and happier me in the morning who is energetic and cheerful enough to make others happy.

Well my emo side wouldn't come out unless it was triggered to do so. Song? "Perfect Day" by supercell.

Thanks to this song, yep, I feel like writing again. Unfortunately, I don't have time anymore... I'm typing this post at around half past 11. So I guess I'll just pour all the thoughts out on this blog for my self-made emotional therapy, or else, I'll go to school tomorrow as a schizophrenic. I couldn't even type my favorite emoticon "XD" (signifying extreme laughter) which I never forget to add to my sentences.

I don't know the english translation of that song, but for me, as I looked at the PV, it is a story of best friends, who were separated from childhood and met again... had a fight (when they grew up) and forgave each other...

Well, it's kinda complicated (considering that I don't know Japanese and I'm so childish to be able to interpret deeper meanings) but it sure reminds me of my lost childhood friend. It has been 11 years. And the world is too big for me to be able to ever find her again. The time we spent together was very short (lasted only a few minutes I guess) but it's deeply etched in my memory. We were riding a tricycle which we rented at PICC (Philippine International Convention Center). I was the driver, she was the passenger. She also apologized for her attitude, but I couldn't really remember what she did to me, 'cause I was doing perfectly fine. She even asked me to play with her the next day at the same place, but I told her I couldn't do so 'cause we only came to PICC once per week. Never did I know that it would be our first and last meeting. I didn't recall that memory during my childhood up to my early adolescence. I just recently remembered about that event (but not because of the video...). Now it hurts a little deep inside. So I am now feeling a small part of losing someone.

Planning a PV Project for Hatsune Miku's "Calc."

Yeah, I just had to write my thoughts (well, that's what I like the most anyway..). Right now, I'm planning to make a Fanmade PV (Promotional Video) for Hatsune Miku's "Calc." despite the lack of materials...

Hatsune Miku's "Calc."

Yes, I have no scanner, nor a pen tablet to get my work faster. So I sketched the frames onto a cheap low-quality paper. I first started drawing the "main image" of the whole PV. I had to make my improvised scanner which was composed of a 1/8 illustration board taped on the wall, then the image was taken using my 2 megapixel camera. Then I'll be using my Paint Tool SAI program to ink the sketch, then use Adobe Photoshop to color it (or maybe even SAI). Then I'll try out Sony Vegas Pro 10 and Adobe Premiere Pro to see which video-editing software would be giving me the better effects and most user-friendly interface.

Screenshot of the "main image" which I am editing with Paint Tool SAI.
This life.

Is still fun.

Fantasy Evolution Blog and My First Manga's Launch!

Hello there readers! Welcome to Fantasy Evolution, a simple blog that tells the latest news about my artworks, writings and random life. XD I'm Kairin Touzen, a random blogger, and a typical nerdy artist you'll meet every day. The two things I like doing the most is drawing and writing. I'm just an aspiring comic artist and writer... I've always got a ballpen and a notebook with me... so you'd probably see me wasting a lot of papers everyday.

And this blog... this blog will be a home for all of my works! XD

My First Online Manga: Himitsu Keisatsu - Secret Police

This date also marks the release of my first online manga, Himitsu Keisatsu - Secret Police! The manga is based on Hatsune Miku's song entitled 秘密警察 (Himitsu Keisatsu/Secret Police). For those who doesn't know Hatsune Miku (初音ミク), she is a mascot of the Vocaloid 2 singing synthesizer software. It's kinda hard to explain about her, so please do check out the Wikipedia article featuring Hatsune Miku and Vocaloid:

Wikipedia Article - Hatsune Miku
Wikipedia Article - Vocaloid

This is the original song that caused me to impulsively think of a random story:

Now as for the manga, this is the description I gave for it.


~Himitsu Keisatsu/Secret Police~

A fan manga based on Hatsune Miku's 秘密警察 "Himitsu Keisatsu"/"Secret Police".


WARNING: NO PLOTLINE (wait, I think there is LOL), lame jokes, weirdness, complete randomness, NO GORE ONLY BLOOD SPLATTERS >:D, totally idiotic, i don't know Japanese but there will be Japanese characters here, the author is not good at crime stories so this may become an epic fail

Now if this didn't intimidate or turn you off from reading this random manga, then continue reading below. XD


The Secret Police is obviously a group of secret policemen LOL. Sent by Japan's government, their mission is to annihilate all the bad guys planning to take over their state. Consider them as Vocaloid's version of Powerpuff Girls - they don't have supernatural powers, but they do have kick ass guns! >:D

NOTE: This is fictional, so this doesn't have anything to do with Japan's real government and people! Besides, I don't know anything about their government as of now. XD

UPDATE: whenever I want. so it could be every day (LOL impossible) down to once per month XD



A sample page:

For those who would like to read this manga, please do follow this link:

The site is hosted at Smack Jeeves, so I give many thanks to this nice web host! XD